Join me and #kissgoodbyetoseptis

My sons and I all put on red lipstick today to take a selfie for Septis and shared it using the hashtag #kissgoodbyetoseptis. Actually, they didn’t mind it half as much as I thought they might!
It was all part of a drive by the UK Septis Trust to raise awareness about Septis, which kills more than 37,000 people in the UK each year.
The aim of the campaign is to educate the public and in doing so, save 12,000 lives. The campaign is in memory of Emma Straker – an aspiring drama teacher from Dunfermline who became ill just days after her 19th birthday with what she thought was a cold. That night she died in her sleep from sepsis.
Emma’s trademark red lips have become the focus of the organsiations campaign to remember her and raise awareness of this terrible disease.

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